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Mail Server Support Services

Networkneeds values customer support as an essential resource: that is we have a dedicated team of professionals that will help you solve any issues, available 24h a day and 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We work as a team and largely respond to customer interactions

Email & phone assistance for installation, migration, configuration, troubleshooting, AntiVirus / AntiSpam integration, custom feature request assessment. Depending on the project, services may also include additional special operations, such as first back-up, first installation, pilot design, pilot installation, pilot project report, system planning & preventive fallback service, operation audit.

You can have these immediate and long term benefits under our Email marketing services –

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Staggering Email & Chat Support Services

Chat support service is the best solution you can provide to ease the customer experience on your website. To ensure that maximum of your visitors are converted into buying customers, you require to outsource chat support service to a renowned vendor.
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